Faforon Health And Wealth With Lovette Gibson


It is true when they said “Health is Wealth”

Little wonder while the health industry remains the richest industry till date. And now Faforon is bringing you the opportunity to achieve both (Health and Wealth).

Check Out Members Earnings With Faforon

Yes, with Faforon, you too can start making money with our partnership structure. Use our products or start recommending the efficient and highly sort out products  and start earning.

Are you a digital marketer, civil servant, entrepreneur, investor, teacher, trader etc? You can start earning with faforon and enjoy massive bonuses and giveaways.

Are you wondering if Faforon is for real?

Why is it different from other form on business opportunities at there?

Check real life update of business partners with their bonuses and car gifts below

Amazing? Imagine, getting paid handsomely, and the organization making life soft for you with mouth watering benefits and gifts.

Which other organization can do this for you?

It is a system where everyone win.

Why Do I want To Share This Opportunity?

There is this popular saying: “We rise by lifting others”

As a coach and consultant, I was opportune to jump on this opportunity early. With the skills I had acquired as a business consultant, I saw the potential and how it will benefit me and those that are on my list.

Imagine being a business consultant without evident in your finance and lifestyle to show for it.

That was not me.

I was able to upgrade not just my life, but those that came under my program. There is enough room for you to earn and change your financial status with Faforon. We have a solution that is not just in high demand but a necessity for the young, old, strong, weak, male and females.

I have students, stay at home parents, teachers and entrepreneurs that have moved from ZERO TO EARNING 5-6 FIGURES in few months. Me and My team have the formula that will change your life.

Hear Directly from The CEO: Mr Francis U. Brave [CEO]

Chief Product Development Scientist (Prince Dr S. O. Fafure)

Faforon: The Business Network

Faforon: The Products

This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme, nor a money doubler. If you are looking for anyway to double your money without putting in the work, then please not with Faforon.

Our system is legit and registered with NAFDAC and other regulatory bodies. We have a system where you can earn and improve your lifestyle in this harsh economy.


Lovette Gibson
Health and wellness Coach. 7 Figure Earner

My name is Lovette Gibson, your favorite online health and wellness coach, And by the Grace of God, a 7 Figure earner. 

As a coach, I have provided a platform to help others improve their financial and health lifestyle. Our platform is dedicated to those looking for business opportunities. I have worked with stay at home parents, teachers, entrepreneurs etc.

I want you to come on this journey with us, as health is life.

Start your own business, become your own boss and lets show you how to earn 7 figures.



FaForLife has 4 (four) dietary supplements which are Faforon, Spidex19, Spidex20 and Spidex21. All natural and super effective.

Faforlife is a “Superbrands status” skin whitening supplement that contain one of the most anti-ageing ingredient in the world, L-Cysteine Peptide

Faforon Products, Benefits and Prices

A Blend of 30 different Stems & Herbs


  • Boosts the Libido
  • Enhances the male Fertility
  • Rockets the Erection
  • Boosts Sperm Quality
  • Gently Enlarges the Genital
  • Improves the Memory
  • Supports Brain Function
  • Kills Stress & Depression
  • Burns Belly Fat
  • Eliminates Waist Pain
  • Energizes
  • Strengthens the Hormone
  • Aids Blood Circulation

A Blend Of Over 42 Stems & Herbs FOR WOMEN

  • Boosts Libido
  • Enhances Sexual Performance
  • Energizes
  • Aids Fertility
  • Promotes Healthy Cervical Fluid
  • Cures Chest Pain
  • Enhance The Liver Function
  • Normalize Menstrual Disorder
  • Support Brain Function
  • Strengthens The Hormone
  • Support Blood Circulation
  • Kills Stress & Depression
  • Rejuvenate The Skin Cell
  • Improve Memory Anti Aging

A Blend Of Over 24 Stems & Herbs


  • Bacterial Vaginosis (BV)
  • Chlamydia
  • Genital Herpes
  • Hepatitis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Pubic Lice
  • STDs
  • Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)


FAFORON rates one of the best African organic Multi-Cure Stem Cell Remedy

  • Builds Blood
  • Boosts Immune
  • Energizes
  • Cleanses
  • Rejuvenates
  • Restores
  • Repairs
  • Replicates
  • Replaces


NAFDAC Reg: 04-8322L

Spidex20 for Women is a blend of 42 different stems and herbs to; Boost Libido, Enhance sexual performance, energize the body, aid fertility, Promote healthy cervical fluid, takes care of chest pain, normalize menstrual disorder, etc

Wow, Surprised About Faforon

Lets Hear First-Hand from Those That Have Used The Products With Their Testimonies.

Its Time To Get Started, Upgrade Your Financial Status

Vital Things To Know About Faforon

Check out below and learn more about the advantages of investing in Faforon and what you are set to earn and gained.

  1. Daily Pay
  2. One-time lifetime partnership

  3. Referral Bonus paid on the Cash Value of package and not on PVs Pairing/Binary Bonus pays deep down to infinity

  4. Targeted Award PVs are cumulative and distributed evenly on your 2 Business Trees for Leadership and Awards.

  5. No compulsory monthly targets

  6. Curative, Preventive and Affordable products.

  7. No Same Status Distributorship (SSD).

  8. Spill Over PVs

  9. High Profit for Stockist/Partner and Functional Sales Support System.

  10. Unlimited timeline for package upgrade.

  11. One on One FREE Daily Mentorship
  12. Sponsored and Discounted Vacation
  13. Car Plan
  14. Ergo Block Housing Project.
  15. World Class Mentorship from Our 7 and 8 Figure Leaders
  16. Highly Effective & Natural Products for your health
  17. Time Freedom
  18. You Become A Business Owner
  19. Low and Flexible Start Up Cost
  20. 11. Low Operating Cost
  21. No Employee to pay
  22. No Inventory to keep
  23. Not A Quick Rich Scheme
  24. Financial Freedom
  25. Residual Income
  26. Early Retirement
  27. Help Others Achieve Financial Freedom

Having one stream of income is dangerous. In Fafor Life, you earn UPTO 11 different ways without begging or chasing people around when you use our lazy Man Approach & Automated One Leg Recruiting System even if you can’t or don’t want to sell products.



Congratulation to those who wish to sign up today; aside your sign-up product package, Fafor Life has a GIFT  TOKEN for you.

Earn TOKEN from your direct upline via using his or her sponsor ID to sign-up and activate your account by choosing any of the available sign-up packages. Each package you choose gifts you with certain amount of TOKEN as listed above.

without convincing, marketing or selling products.



Distributors could earn retail profits of between 13%and 30% from direct product sales.



A distributor earns 40% of their Direct affiliate’s entry package and it’s distributed as follows.






A distributor irrespective of the entry package earns 20%, of all his/her Direct Referral’s upgrade cost which is distributed as follows:



He/she also receives the PVs that come with the upgrade and are evenly distributed accordingly.



Business Bonus (BB) is earned when an eligible user receives 40Pv/Left/Right team, he or she will earn the appropriate amount eligible for his or her package. This bonus is also known as pairing bonus.



Leverage bonus is what an upline earns from the business bonus of those he or she directly sponsored, up to any level that is eligible for his or her package.

Fafor Life ecosystem is designed as leverage system where each member is lifted by the other with no exception, it’s a bottom-top/top-bottom system with spillover that automatically fills the weak legs of the downlines!




Placement Bonus is what every active user earns from every registration PLACED directly under him in the binary tree by the sponsor. it can only be earned for a maximum of 2 times when a placement is done DIRECTLY on each of his right and left legs.

It is 1% of the cash equivalent of the registration package and eligible levels depend on the current package of the beneficiary.



Become one of our Accredited Stockists in your state and earn massive income.

Imagine 500-1000 Products picked up from your store weekly as you become one of our Stockists 😲
Each Product picked is N300 profit.
Let’s do the calculation,
500 Products in a week👇
N300 * 500= N150,000
In a Month, that’s N600,000
How about 1000 Products in a week👇
N300 * 1000= N300,000
In a Month, that’s N1,200,000
Like, 1.2m in one month?😲
Would you like to become one of our company’s stockist in your location abi I should keep minding my business?🤷😀


MAINTENANCE BONUS is what you earn when people you directly sponsored purchase any item from the system. You will earn both cash and PV bonus from all of their purchases up to your eligible level based on your package. The chart below explains your earning percentage and your eligible limit based on your package.

We have so many exciting discount plans to enable our distributors access products at affordable prices.

Once you activate your account by purchasing any package, your subsequent purchases will be discounted to enable you maximize retail profiting.



Rank Advancement Rewards

The distributor on reaching a higher sales level will be achieving higher ranks through accumulation of point values which are used in appropriating cash/gift rewards.



All points are cumulative. To earn additional monthly leadership bonuses, you will have to generate the appropriate PV volumes monthly.



Enjoy a sense of fulfilment and opportunity to give back by participating in our Corporate Empowerment Programs for Needy Communities.

  1. Basic Package registration is ₦18,000
  2. Super Package registration is ₦48,000 – $96
  3. BIZ CLASS registration is ₦120,000 – $240
  4. Biz Executive registration is ₦270,000 – $540

Here are the 5 various packages to join Faforlife Business


In the Basic package…

For everyone you connect to the system with basic package, you get a direct connector bonus of ₦4,500 Cash, ₦1800 Product Voucher and ₦990 Business(pairing) Bonus.

Grand Total: ₦6,300

If you connect 10 persons to the Basic, you get ₦45,000 Cash, ₦Grand Total: ₦63,000

WELCOME BONUS: 40 PV plus 40 GIG Coins

Maximum Daily Earning: ₦19,800

Maximum Monthly Earning: ₦613,800


In the Super package…

For everyone you connect to the system with Super Package you get a direct connector bonus of ₦12,000 Cash, ₦4,800 Product Voucher and ₦2,880 Bsiness(Pairing) Bonus

Grand Total: ₦16,800

If you connect 10 persons to the Super Package, you get ₦120,000 Cash, ₦48,000 Product Voucher and ₦28,800 Business(Pairing) Bonus

Grand Total: ₦168,000

WELCOME BONUS: 100 PV plus 100 GIG Coins

Maximum Daily Earning: ₦43,200

Maximum Monthly Earning: ₦1,339,200


In the Biz-Class package…

For everyone you connect to the system with Biz-Class you get a direct connector bonus of ₦30,000 Cash, ₦12,000 Product Voucher and ₦12,960 Business Bonus

Grand Total: ₦42,000

If you connect 10 persons to the Biz-Class, you get ₦300,000 Cash₦120,000 Product Voucher and ₦12,960 Business(Pairing Bonus)

Grand Total: ₦420,000

WELCOME BONUS: 260PV plus 260 GIG Coins

Maximum Daily Earning: ₦90,720

Maximum Monthly Earning: ₦2,812,320


In the Biz-Executive package…

For everyone you connect to the system with Biz-Executive you get a direct connector bonus of ₦67,500 Cash, ₦27,000 Product Voucher and ₦40,500 Business Bonus

Grand Total: ₦229,500

If you connect 10 persons to the Biz-Executive, you get ₦675,000, ₦270,000 Product Voucher and ₦405,000 Business Bonus

Grand Total: ₦2,295,000

WELCOME BONUS: 600 PV plus 600 GIG Coins

Maximum Daily Earning: ₦270,000

Maximum Monthly Earning: ₦8,370,000


No Experience in Network Marketing? No big deal, the system is set up to make you money either actively or passively!!!!!

There is no need to convince, market or sell to earn. but you can take advantage of all the marketing bonuses if you have the skills.
Have Access to My Mentoring Package When You Register With Faforon in
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